Copyright 2015 John Bruce Davies, Ph.D.

Theophysics can be defined as the scientific investigation of the relationship between theology, the study of God, and the physics of the Universe and its constituents and properties. Dr. John Davies has correlated certain Bible postulates with accepted theory of the constituents and origin of the Universe though one must remember that the Bible speaks in allegories just as Jesus taught through parables.

Information and Consciousness

A conscious being sends, receives, processes and stores information. As we grow older, we accumulate more and more information as time flows forward. Information is a physical quantity that obeys laws of physics and is measured in bits, so that allows the relating of consciousness to scientific analysis. As we grow older in time, we accumulate more information and Consciousness has been defined as the sum of all information stored. Thus, we can define Supreme Consciousness as the sum of all information since the beginning of time starting at the origin of our Universe, at which initial time the information was a minimum, as proven in the next topic. This corresponds with the Bible's claim of God as All-knowing.

In the Beginning was the Word

In the standard model of universe expansion, there is, in the beginning, a Big Bang of maximum energy density which subsequently decreases as time and space expand. But we also know that the number and total entropy of all structures in the closed Universe is increasing in time. When we consider that information is the measure of this entropy, we see that the number of bits of information needed to describe this expanding universe is also increasing rapidly, i.e. an Information Explosion. Scientifically, at each stage of the expansion, the number and type of the hypothesized Universe components determine the necessary number of information bits.

But the most interesting question is how many bits of information were there at the beginning?! We have previously shown that the Universe can be considered as an information channel for any observer in space-time, Davies (1978). An optimum solution was obtained that maximizes the information rate to any observer and which is independent of their particular space-time location, i.e. an Equal Opportunity Universe. Our recent award winning research, Davies (2015), proves that the initial universe inflation has the property that only two values are needed, the Planck time and the Planck density, which are obtained from the fundamental Universe constants. Thus, the original number of bits of information is a constant and a minimum.

The only other approach to the original information content comes from the Bible, John 1:1 “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and God was the word”. If we consider “the word” as the fundamental and original bit of information, science and the Bible agree about this aspect of the initial Big Bang/Information Explosion/Creation. But beings are only conscious through receiving, processing, storing and producing information. So, is the fundamental bit of information, “the word”, just the original conscious realization of God............ “I AM”?

In the Beginning God created heaven and earth

Genesis 1:1 of the Old Testament also argues for God creating the Universe. If we assume allegorical meaning to the words heaven and earth, we can relate heaven to the spiritual aspect which is consciousness and its information content; likewise earth can be considered as corresponding to matter and energy. This beginning thus agrees with the cosmological origin of the Universe as deduced by science and outlined above and in Davies (2015).

The Direction of Time

"The moving finger writes, and having writ, moves on." - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayam

The Universe is time asymmetric in a number of fundamental processes and phenomena. We grow older. The Universe is expanding. Radioactive nuclei emit particles. In closed systems, entropy is constant or increasing. All these processes have one fundamental all-encompassing element: the governing space-time metric changes irreversibly along the world-line of the process. The arrow of time has only one direction: forward. Yet the traditional equations of space-time physics are symmetrical in time, being equally applicable in one direction as the other. We prove that our simple and necessary extension of general relativity brings irreversibility to the fundamental equation governing the space-time metric and a direction to time, Davies (1988,1989).

From Newton's laws to Einstein's general relativity, all of the traditional governing differential equations are time reversible. But irreversibility manifests even in non-relativistic systems, which implies that the traditional equations governing the physics of everyday phenomena are incomplete. Electromagnetic, weak and velocity fields govern the atomic structure of these material phenomena. Thus, intuitively, we would expect changes in these fundamental fields to be related to time irreversibility. For example, highly-ordered life-forms decay into low-order systems after death with corresponding changes in their electromagnetic field structure. Radioactive particles decay in time with accompanying changes in their weak fields. Rotating planets slow down. All such phenomena are geometrically represented by space-time metric structures moving and changing irreversibly along their world-lines.

In a recent award-winning essay, Davies (2014), we proved that the present Universe of matter is a result of expansion of a white hole through its various stages. In Davies (2015), we proved that the initial inflation with constant energy density ended when the Higg's boson gave mass to the constituent particles and antiparticles of the Universe. Davies (1988,1989) proved that the direction of time and thus expansion or contraction is dependent on the charge of the particle-antiparticle. There is a total preponderance of particles with respect to anti-particles that is observed in our expanding Universe. When pair-production occurs in the early Universe, both particle and its anti-particle are formed. In order for there to be an equal and opposite reaction in this pair-production, and thereby satisfy the conservation of curvature, the anti-particles must have collapsed in spacetime as opposed to the observed particle expansion. Thus, from our viewpoint the original Big Bang singularity is the location where the missing antimatter resides as they moved backward in our positive time. This concept agrees with Wheeler and Feynman's arguments that a particle in positive time is identical to an anti-particle in negative time.

Death, Information and the reversal of the flow of Time

“Ah, make the most of what we may yet spend, before we too into the dust descend”

Rubaiyat of Omar Khayam

There are many accounts of people who, after being revived from apparent death, recount that they relived their lives in reverse. We have shown above that consciousness has an information gain as time flows forward. Thus, at death, it is reasonable to argue that consciousness has information erased as time reverses and goes backward. This concept agrees with the ancient knowledge as described in both the classic Tibetan and Egyptian “Book of the Dead”. It also agrees with the experiences of those seekers who, over thousands of years and especially recently, have used psychedelic substances to produce out-of-body journeys.

From my own experience, and the Tibetan and Egyptian knowledge, such a journey begins with detailed previous life events. Then, as if returning to and before the womb, a spiral tunnel of various colored lights is experienced ending in pure white light. At this crux, without even asking the fundamental questions, all the important answers to life's deepest secrets are imprinted on the consciousness. I have only met one person who reached this point without artificial aids; he did it by following an ancient Tibetan ritual of staring at the dawn or dusk Sun, startin for a minute or so and extending the stare time each day until he reached 40 minutes.

If we consider this white light as a destination in the past, from a cosmology viewpoint this would correspond to the time in the early Universe when the separation of photons and matter occurred when the Universe was about 400,000 years old. There are ancient texts that claim that the white light is not the final destination of consciousness. Tibetan lore claims that once you have reached this point, the next step is to create your own Universe. Davies (2015) proved that to do this requires the production of the Planck energy density for a minute fraction of a second.

Defects in space-time

A perfect surface has no cracks or holes in it i.e. no defects. Similarly, a perfect flat spacetime has no defects these being proved by Davies (1988) to be equivalent to matter and its associated fields. Davies (2015) proved that the only perfect spacetime was at the very beginning of the Universe during Inflation and prior to the Higg's Field giving mass to the constituent particles.

As we beings are composed of matter and fields then we are but imperfections in a flat perfect spacetime which should make us humble and introspective. We can ask whether it is the objective of conscious beings to eliminate defects and aim for this perfection.

The End of Times

Genesis 13:
17 and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name. 18 Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six.

This prophecy that signifies “the end of times” can be recognized in specific facts concerning the present day. Every thing that is bought and sold in stores has a bar-code. Examine any bar-code; the first bar is a 6, the middle bar is a 6 and the last bar is a 6; this is for all bar-codes on all products as divulged to me by G. Westfall, an expert in marketing.

Why is 666 the number of the beast? If we consider that allegorically the beast is matter then science has proved that the fundamental components of matter, protons and neutrons etc., are composed of 3 quarks out of 6 possible. When this knowledge became scientifically available, the nuclear age was upon us with its deadliest of weapons that mankind can use to destroy our world and bring about “ the end of times”.